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May 26, 2022

The provincial election in Ontario might be a Seinfeld Campaign - an election about nuthin' for most. But it appears to be shaping up as a RESET opportunity for the PCs, Liberals and NDP. 

Doug Ford has reset the PC brand and his own brand for that matter. Just look at the surveys suggesting a significant number of voters who opted for the Liberals in the last federal election are considering a PC vote on June 2.

As for the Liberals, it may be in the party's best interest for leader Del Duca to lose his riding. The party can start clean. New face. New ideas. And no historic baggage connected to the Wynne/McGuinty days.

And it's clear the NDP is in desparate need of a reset. As Sabrina Nanjii at the Queen's Park Observer notes, the 901 Club will be convening as soon as the polls close to remove Andrea Horwath as leader of the provincial party.

Finally, a Green Party upset in Parry Sound-Muskoka would double the Green seats in the ledge. That would be an unexpected reset for Mike Schreiner and company.