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Jun 30, 2022

We are still in the pandemic. We can expect more COVID cases and, by all accounts, we will see an uptick in cases come the fall. So, it ain't over.

But COVID is receding. That's good news. That's allowed us to return to business, to school, to recreation, to a restaurant without a great deal of restriction. But the crisis caused by COVID is not nearly in the rearview mirror.

Inflation and the cost of living are bringing us perilously close to recession. So Toronto Region Board of Trade President and CEO, Jan De Silva says now is the time to reignite the economy. "We're the champions of "Hit GO!" She says it is critical for the newly re-elected Ford government and municipalities in the Toronto-Waterloo corridor to accelerate affordable housing, transportation, energy and innovation initiatives and address the talent shortage in some key sectors of the economy.