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Apr 26, 2022

If traffic reports are any indication, the commute in Toronto is getting close to the long haul you were making to and from work in the before-times! Offices and workplaces are getting back to doing in-person business. 

In many cases, companies are considering a hydrid approach. Some staff will work in the office. Some will work from home. Some will split their time between the two.

The discussion is at the heart of your corporate culture and how that effects your leaders and managers.

Lisa Taylor is President of Challenge Factory. Her expertise is in the future of work. She's also a Story Studio Network podcast host and producer.

In this episode of the Daily Brief, we get her take on what it will take to be a good leader as we continue to cope with the COVID pandemic and how she used her podcasting experience, (as a guest and a host), to explore new ideas, challenges and solutions in the workplace.