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Mar 29, 2022

If an election were held a year ago in Ontario, Doug Ford's Progressive Conservatives would have had their hands full holding onto government. Now, it looks like Ford is poised to waltz into another majority government.

Yes, yes. Campaigns matter and we'll get the final details on election day - June 2. But right now, the Ford brand is winning.

Compare that to the existential crisis facing all three major federal parties. The NDP is politically y irrelevant thanks to the staggering lack of leadership from Jagmeet Singh. The Liberals aren't really "the Liberals" anymore. They're the Justin Trudeau party, leaning farther left than ever, essentially cutting Jagmeet's grass. And the Conservative Party of Canada is engaged in a leadership song and dance that appeals to its hard right core then "hopes" to appeal to political centrists abandoned by the traditional Liberal party.

Maybe its a better thing that we won't have a federal general election for another three years. It's going to be a hit mess no matter who "leads".