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Nov 20, 2019

Canada’s universal healthcare system is more than half a century old and faces increasing pressures. It already consumes about 40% of government budgets across the country and the demands are only going to increase in the coming years with an ageing population.

Dr. Danielle Martin is the Exec VP at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto. Dr. Martin tells iContact there's enough money in the system. But it needs to be better and more efficiently directed.

She says the most effective and easiest thing to do would be to make better use of basic technology. Something as simple as a 1-800 line in British Columbia allows GPs to speak directly to a specialist while the patient is in the room. And sometimes, that’s all that’s needed. No referral. No waiting.

Above all, Dr. Martin says the only way we can cure the system is to stop clinging to the "way we've always done it."